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Harmony of Nature and Tradition

Winter 2023

Since moving from Ecuador to the USA, I’ve felt a deep longing to bring the essence of my beautiful homeland to my new home. This passion inspired me to create a series of paintings that merge my love for portrait art with the rich wildlife and cultural heritage of Ecuador. 

The series highlights the essential connection between Ecuador’s breathtaking wildlife and its cultural heritage. By incorporating intricate details from Ecuador into each painting, I aim to celebrate and preserve the unique spirit of my homeland. Whether it’s through the vivid colors, traditional motifs, or the portrayal of native species, each artwork tells a story of the land I hold dear.

This collection is a tribute to Ecuador, a way to keep its beauty alive in my heart and share it with others in my new home. Each piece in this collection not only reflects my artistic journey but also serves as a bridge, connecting my past to my present. 

The process

Moving from Ecuador to the USA was a huge change, and within the first year of living here, I found myself feeling really homesick. I missed everything about my homeland—the landscapes, the culture, the wildlife. That’s when I decided to start this collection. I needed to bring a piece of Ecuador into my new home, to feel connected to where I come from.

Ecuador is such a diverse country with four unique regions, so I knew I couldn’t do this collection justice without including animals from each area. I spent hours researching the wildlife and learning about the cultural heritage of each region—the Amazon rainforest, the Andean highlands, the coastal plains, and the Galápagos Islands. It became a personal journey for me, diving deep into what makes each part of Ecuador so special.

Adri Garcia Ecuadorian Artist in Lubbock | Graphic Designer & Branding Expert

As I painted, I tried to capture not just the beauty of the animals but also the spirit of Ecuador. I incorporated traditional patterns and symbols from each region into my work. Every brushstroke was a way of bringing a little bit of home into my new life here.

This collection is more than just art to me; it’s a tribute to my roots and a way to keep the vibrant, diverse spirit of Ecuador alive in my heart and share it with others.

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