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Pinturas del Encanto

Summer 2024

A series that highlights the beauty of Puerto Rico’s unforgettable wildlife and the island’s deep connection to Taíno roots. This collection showcases the rich biodiversity and cultural heritage of Puerto Rico, capturing the essence of its unique flora and fauna.

As an Ecuadorian artist with Puerto Rican in-laws, Puerto Rico has become close to home for me. The vibrant culture and traditions of the island have deeply inspired my work, and this series is a tribute to the place that now holds a special place in my heart.

Through these pieces, I aim to celebrate the natural wonders and cultural richness of Puerto Rico, blending my artistic perspective with the influences of my new extended family.

The process

The journey started with finding the most iconic wildlife from Puerto Rico. Researching all the famous species, and of course, including the coqui, was a major part of this series.

My art focuses on creatively portraying the culture, so the next step is deciding what elements to add to each animal.

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